Terry's Story

I grew up in central Indiana, playing for gospel groups, then during the 1970’s and early 1980’s traveled the Indiana County Fair circuit doing piano and organ demos for music stores. When I discovered the “Piano Bar” I was hooked. A move from a small town in Indiana to Florida opened up a whole new avenue of opportunity. The mid 80’s I was working Piano Bars on Florida’s Gulf Coast and one night gigs with a female singer on the East Coast. 
Recent years I have worked in the Middle East and Europe in hotels, resorts, and restaurants. I love the Jazz Standards, but  the most exciting is to watch folks fill the dance floor to dance to their favorite classic rock tunes, as well as country, either with piano and vocal alone or as a one man band with computer backing tracks. I have a repertoire of over 600 songs, and continue to add songs as they are requested by customers.  For the past three years, I have been having so much fun hosting Karaoke at various locations. Check my calendar for a location and time near you.

I can be contacted directly by  Phone/Text: 765-506-0388, or by Email: pianomanterry@gmail.com.